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Helping Young Children Understand and Cope with Divorce

Posted on in Family Law

Will County divorce lawyersWhile older children typically do understand divorce - or at least the concept of it - younger children may struggle to grasp at how divorce will affect their everyday lives. They may not even fully comprehend that divorce means one parent will be living at a different home. Unfortunately, this lack of understanding can make coping with the divorce that much more difficult for the child. Parents may be able to help their child by using the following tips.

Talk to Your Child’s Pediatrician

Pediatricians specialize in the growth and development of children. It is this in-depth understanding that makes them a valuable ally to parents going through divorce. Able to give insight into how the child may cope with the divorce, and their level of understanding of the process itself, a pediatrician can offer parents unique advice that is tailored to their child’s age, stage of development, and own personal history. If you are going through a divorce, ask your child’s pediatrician for advice.

Check Out Children’s Books on Divorce

The increased prevalence of divorce means there are more resources for parents. In fact, parents can now find children’s books in divorce. They explain divorce in stories - ones that children can relate to and understand. They also focus on the complex feelings that go along with divorce, such as fear, guilt, and anger. All-in-all, they can give your child a better understanding of their situation, what is to come, and how they can cope.

Do Not Mince Words for the Sake of Feelings

When parents fear how their child will respond to the divorce process, they sometimes skirt around the issue. They might use words or descriptions that less severe and not quite accurate. Often, this is because they want to save their child from the pain of reality. Unfortunately, not telling the truth about the situation can do exactly the opposite. It can confuse children, which can make it even more difficult for them to adjust and cope with the situation. So, despite your own fear or feelings, be honest with your child and use words you know they will understand.

Talk to an Experienced Family Law Attorney

While it may be possible to complete the divorce on your own, it is highly discouraged. After all, it is difficult enough just helping your child through the divorce process and dealing with your own emotions. You should not have to deal with the legal matters, too. Contact Mevorah Law Offices LLC instead. We will protect your rights and your family’s best interest, every step of the way. Call 815-726-9200 and schedule a free consultation with our Will County family law attorneys today.




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