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Are You Eligible for a Modification to Your Illinois Child Support Oder?

Posted on in Family Law

Will County family law attorneysOn July 1, 2017, Illinois’ child support laws changed. Now, instead of calculating support using a percentage model, the courts and the Department of Health and Family Services will use an income shares model. Parenting time, or the amount of time that a paying parent spends with their child can also have an impact on a supporting parent’s child support obligation. How might these changes affect your current situation (if at all), and where can you find assistance with your child support modification case? The following explains.

An Overview of the Changes

Prior to the changes, child support was calculated using hard percentages and figures were based on the number of shared children and the income of the paying parent. Now, child support laws calculate the income of both parents before determining the amount of support that should be paid. Paying parents that have their children for at least 146 nights out of the year also have an additional credit, which may reduce their overall child support obligation.

Does the New Law Warrant a Modification?

Although the recent changes are rather significant, not all existing child support orders may be eligible for modification. Changes typically require a substantial change in circumstances. However, there are a few situations that may warrant a modification under the new child support law. For example, if parent receiving support has a high income, it may alter the paying parent’s obligation under the new law. Alternatively, parents that pay child support and have their children at least 146 nights out of the year may receive enough of a credit to warrant a modification to their existing child support order.

Pursuing a Modification to Your Child Support Order

Modifying an existing child support order can be a time-intensive process, with many obstacles and challenges along the way. As such, it is recommended that parents seek experienced legal assistance before submitting a modification request to the courts. Able to examine your situation and help you understand your options, an attorney can also protect your rights during the legal proceedings. After all, your child’s best interests may take precedence, but fair is fair.

Contact Our Will County Family Law Attorneys

If you need assistance with a modification to your existing child support order, contact Mevorah Law Offices LLC for assistance. Dedicated and experienced, our Will County family law attorneys always strive for the most favorable outcome possible. We will explain your options, guide you through the process, and stand by your side, every step of the way. Get started by scheduling a free and personalized consultation. Call 630-932-9100 today.




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