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Divorce May Increase Risk of Stroke, Study Says – Learn How to Mitigate Against It

Posted on in Divorce

Will County divorce lawyersWhen it comes to health complications, divorcees have the odds stacked against them. In fact, studies have linked divorce to everything from weight gain and depression to an increased risk of experiencing a heart attack. Granted, an increased risk does not mean you will experience a stroke, nor does it mean you should avoid divorce if it truly feels like the right path for your life. However, it does suggest that divorcees should know how to protect their health and mitigate against the risks.

Examining the Possible Link

Nearly anyone who has endured divorce can tell you it is an emotionally, mentally, and sometimes even physically trying experience. Thankfully, the stress usually diminishes over time, but the damage could already be done by the time things calm down. In fact, experts now believe that stress may be the driving factor behind all the health condition links. It certainly makes sense when you consider what stress does to the body.

Stress can cause you to eat more, which may cause weight gain (and ultimately weight-related conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease). It can also disrupt your sleep cycles, which is also known for increasing one’s risk of a heart attack. Then, to make matters worse, the very nature of divorce can cause one to overlook their health. They may eat foods that are not as healthy, may struggle to find time for exercise and relaxation. All this can add up to a host of health complications. So, how do you mitigate against it? You start by making your health a priority, regardless of the circumstances, because you know that it could impact you later in life.

Mitigating Against the Health Risks

While many factors determine one’s risk of stroke, stress is certainly one of them. To mitigate against it, divorcees are encouraged to seek support from family members, friends, therapists, support groups, and even an attorney. Daily exercise – even a small amount – and the healthiest diet that one can manage are also great ways to protect your health. If eating is hard, focus on nutrient-rich foods (i.e. smoothies, fish, nuts, whole grains, fruits, and a variety of vegetables) as much as possible. If the problem is too much food, try limiting the snack foods in your home and stock up on fruit or veggies instead.

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If you are planning on filing for divorce, contact Mevorah Law Offices LLC. Our Will County divorce lawyers are committed to protecting your health and financial future, and we will strive to limit the stress of your divorce. We offer assistance with both litigated and mediated divorces. Schedule a free consultation to learn more. Call 815-726-9200 today.



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