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Does College Education Help Odds of Marriage Success?

Posted on in Divorce

Joliet divorce attorney, college education and marriage successWe grow up hearing from both our families and our teachers that we need a college education in order to have a career, earn a good living, and provide well for our future. However, according to a recent study, a college education may also mean a better chance of having a successful marriage—especially for women.

Approximately half of first-time marriages in this country last for about 20 years. A study which was conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics found that women who have a college degree have an 80 percent chance of staying married beyond that 20-year mark.

The researchers took the data and used it to predict the probability of marriage success, much in the same way that researchers use data to predict life expectancy statistics. The data included men and women who were between the ages of 15 to 44 during the years 2006 through 2010.

The overall percentage of women’s first marriages lasting at least 20 years was 52 percent. For women who had obtained their bachelor’s degrees, that percentage jumped to 78 percent. Women who had attended college, but not acquired their degree, had a 49 percent change of their first marriage lasting at least two decades. Women who had a high school education, or less, had a 40 percent chance of a 20-year marriage.

College-educated men also appear to fare better in longer-lasting first marriages. The data showed that 65 percent of the men who had obtained their bachelor’s degrees could expect to stay married for at least 20 years, while only half of the men with lesser education could have that same expectation.

The study did not include same-sex marriage statistics or any degrees higher than a bachelor’s degree for the study because of the sample size for both those categories was too small. Researchers also did not include marriages which ended in death, only those which ended due to divorce or separation.

Other studies have revealed that there is greater success rate in this country for people who have college educations compared to those who do not. In 2014, national statistics showed that 65 percent of adults who had obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher were married, compared to 53 percent of adults who were less educated.

Regardless of what level of college—if any—you have achieved, if you are considering a divorce, contact an experienced Joliet divorce attorney to make sure that your future and your children’s future, are protected. Call Mevorah Law Offices LLC at 815-726-9200 today to set up a free initial consultation.




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