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Divorce Can Pit Parents Against One Another - You Can Choose Differently for Your Divorce

Posted on in Divorce

Will County divorce lawyersIn divorce, each party has their own grief, anger, regret, and feelings of betrayal to overcome. Sadly, the typical divorce process often exasperates these negative emotions by placing the divorcing parties on opposite “sides.” Tempers can flare, and each one may forget that they used to love one another and may, instead, focus on what they can walk away with once the divorce process is complete.

When you add children into the mix, a contentious situation can become downright catastrophic - namely for the children who still love both of their parents. In fact, the damage can be so extensive that it carries on into the child’s adult life. Their own relationships may be tumultuous. They may struggle to form meaningful bonds.

Thankfully, this does not have to be your child’s reality. You and your spouse can choose differently in your divorce. The following explains.

Creating a Child-Centered Divorce

Although the traditional divorce process is rarely conducive to the child-centered divorce, it is not impossible to create such an environment for your children. True, you can pursue mediation (and should at least consider it), but it is not right for everyone. So, if you have to choose litigation, know how to keep your cool and keep your child front and center. A few things to focus might include:

Never threatening to take away parenting time, especially if your child is present (the one exception would be if the child was in grave danger);

  • Resisting the desire to ask your child about your spouse’s relationship or personal life;
  • Not making negative comments or references about your spouse when your child is around;
  • Keeping financial matters of the divorce between you and your spouse;
  • Not asking your child to deliver messages (even if it is just about parenting time or important meetings);
  • Keeping any new relationships you might have out of your child’s life until they have had the chance to adjust to the divorce;
  • Seeking professional help if you feel lonely, depressed, angry, or otherwise out of sorts because of the divorce;
  • Keeping conversations short and civil when making parenting time exchanges or discussing child-related matters;
  • Not relying on your child to comfort you or make you feel better;
  • Letting your children continue to be children;
  • Attending your child’s events, even if the other parent plans to be there; and
  • Do not attempt to do the divorce without experienced legal assistance.

How Our Will County Family Law Attorneys Can Help

When you know that divorce is on the horizon, but you want to do things differently, it is important to have an experienced advocate on your side. Dedicated to your child’s best interests and able to assist you with creative, compassionate solutions for your divorce, the seasoned Will County divorce attorneys at Mevorah Law Offices LLC can help. Call 815-726-9200 and schedule your free consultation to learn more.




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