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Child Custody Battle Tips

Posted on in Divorce

Joliet family law attorney, child custody battle tipsDivorce is hard, no matter the circumstances. Not only does a divorce signify the end of a marriage, but the finality hits home over and over again as discussions and negotiations take place regarding assets and debts. Who gets the living room set? Who gets the good china?

Still, the hardest part of divorce involves a couple’s children and how parenting time is going to be divided. In the best cases, parents are able to come to an agreement and are able to work out a parenting plan, without the court’s intervention. Yet more often than not, the parents cannot agree and litigation becomes necessary. The decision rests in the family court judge’s hands.

No matter what the situation is, there are key factors that parents should keep in mind when they are facing a child custody battle and include the following:

  • Retain the services of an experienced family law attorney. Although a person may believe that he or she is able to represent himself or herself, or he or she thinks money can be saved by doing so, the end result can be costlier than any attorney’s fee. Illinois family law statutes can be confusing and litigation mistakes can result in loss of custody or parenting time. A parent is also too emotionally involved, which can also impact how he or she acts and reacts in a courtroom.
  • Always tell the truth. Although it may be tempting to stretch the truth, if a lie is exposed (and they usually are, especially if the other parent has hired a good attorney), an individual who lies could lose all credibility with the court.
  • Ask questions. If a person does not understand a certain procedure or how the judicial process is working, then he or she should always ask his or her attorney to explain. Going through a custody battle is an emotional roller coaster, but not understanding what is taking place can cause even more stress. Not only can this stress affect the parents, but it trickles down and can be upsetting to the children too.
  • Never coach your child in what to say. In many custody battles, either a guardian ad litem or some other court official will interview the child. These people are very experienced in this process and can tell immediately if the child they are talking to is speaking in his or her own words or has been coached by someone else with regard to what to say. Again, just like lying, this can backfire and the loss of custody is at risk.

If you are considering a divorce and anticipate a difficult child custody decision, please contact a skilled Joliet family law attorney. Call Mevorah Law Offices LLC at 815-726-9200 today to set up a free initial consultation.



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