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Brain Injury Awareness

Posted on in Personal Injury

Joliet personal injury attorney, brain injury awarenessNational statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that traumatic brain injuries (TBI) have reached epidemic proportions. According to the CDC, more than 50,000 people die every year from causes associated with TBI. Almost 2.2 million people are treated at emergency rooms for an injury to their brain, and approximately 280,000 people end up hospitalized because of serious TBI.

These numbers do not include people who develop a concussion from their head injuries, but do not seek treatment, or if they did, then TBI was a secondary diagnosis. If all those victims were included, then the CDC puts the number of people in this country who sustain brain injuries every year at over three million.

In the past fifteen years, the cost of TBI—between medical treatment and lost wages—amounts to over $60 billion.

The most common cause of brain injuries occurs from falls, approximately 40 percent. This is especially true for children 14 years old or younger and for senior citizens, 65 or older.

The second most common cause is referred to as unintentional blunt trauma. For example, being hit with some type of object. This is the cause for about 15 percent of all TBIs.

Motor vehicle crashes comes in at number three as the cause of brain injuries, at 14 percent. However, 25 percent of the fatalities from TBIs are a result of vehicle crashes, the second most common reason for TBI deaths.

A person who receives any kind of head injury should seek medical attention immediately. Even a mild concussion can end up having deadly consequences in some cases if not treated correctly. It is also not unusual for symptoms of a TBI to not show up for several days after the person sustained the injury. A victim’s emotion, language, sensation, and thinking skills can all be affected.

TBI’s have also been known to trigger epilepsy in some victims, as well as increase risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other brain disorders.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury, please contact an experienced Joliet personal injury attorney to find out what legal recourse you may have against the at-fault party. Call Mevorah Law Offices LLC at 815-726-9200 today.





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