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5 Tips for Safe Driving Near Trucks

Posted on in Personal Injury

Joliet truck driver lawyers, safe driving tips, truck driver negligence, truck accidents, blind spot areasIt can be dangerous to drive near trucks. However, since they are always on the road, it is important to be extra careful around them. Consider the following five tips that can help you drive safely near trucks and reduce your risk of getting into a truck accident.

Stay Clear of Blind Spots

It is important to understand that trucks have blind spot areas that are far larger than other vehicles like sedans and SUVs. Therefore, you should make an effort to avoid driving in their blind spots. Be sure to move ahead of trucks or slow down so that truck drivers can easily see you in their side mirrors.

Pass Safely

Safe passing is always important. However, it is even more essential when driving near trucks because these heavy, large vehicles do not have the ability to stop as quickly as other vehicles. Truckers require ample time to react and make adjustments to their speed and brake.

Approach trucks from the left side when passing them so that drivers can see you without any issues. Also, keep a constant speed and use your turn signal well in advance.

Maintain an Appropriate Following Distance

It is a good idea to keep a following distance of at least four seconds between your vehicle and a truck. You should know that if you are tailgating, you may prevent a truck driver from being able to see you. Additionally, if you unable to come to a stop or are rear ended while traveling too closely behind a truck, your vehicle may be end up under a trailer.

Be Patient

Often, drivers get impatient and frustrated when they are driving near trucks. You should refrain from honking, driving aggressively, and speeding as doing so around trucks is very dangerous. To keep yourself out of danger, drive patiently.

Stay Focused

Texting, eating, drinking, grooming, playing with your radio controls, or engaging in any other form of distracted driving can lead to a truck accident. Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel at all times so you can try to figure out what speed the trucks near you are going as they engage in different maneuvers. This way, you can respond appropriately.

Contact Our Will County Truck Driver Lawyers

Even if you drive safely around trucks, an accident may still arise because of a truck driver’s negligence. If you sustain an injury in a truck accident, contact our experienced Joliet truck driver lawyers today at 815-726-9200 to learn about your legal options.



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