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Posted on in Family Law

Will County order of protection attorneyWhile you are in a relationship, it may difficult to recognize the signs of domestic abuse. However, just as you may recognize the symptoms of an illness, there are signs to be aware of that show that you may be a victim of abuse. It is important to recognize these signs and take steps to protect yourself and your family from harm. 

What Is Domestic Abuse?

In Illinois, physical harm, willful restriction of personal liberties, threats, harassment, and stalking are all considered domestic abuse. Accusations of abuse are very serious, and they could lead to criminal consequences such as jail time or fines, as well as decisions in family court that affect divorce proceedings and the allocation of parental responsibility, or child custody. 

The signs of domestic abuse may not be obvious to you, especially when the abuse is emotional as opposed to physical. Look out for these signs of abuse in your relationship:


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Joliet divorce lawyer parents teensDivorce can be challenging for children of all ages, including teenagers. While younger children may be more open about their feelings, teens tend to be more private and hold in how they feel. The good news is that there are certain strategies that you can use as a parent to help your teen cope with divorce. These strategies include:

Make Adults in Your Teen’s Life Aware of Your Divorce

It can be difficult and embarrassing for teens to have to tell teachers, coaches, and other adults in their lives that their parents are going through a divorce. Therefore, it is wise for you to inform these adults of your divorce so your son or daughter does not have to.

Handle Behavioral Changes Immediately

During and after your divorce, you may notice your teen’s behavior changing. Rather than allowing behavioral changes to escalate and hinder your teen’s everyday life, it is essential to deal with them right away. As soon as your teen displays behavior that is disrespectful or inappropriate, encourage them to discuss their feelings with you and find more positive outlets for their emotions.


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Joliet divorce lawyer parents childrenCo-parenting after a divorce can be a real challenge. In order for it to be successful, both parents must be willing to communicate and coordinate with one another. Now that the summer season has come to an end, and it is time for back to school, it is important to keep the following co-parenting tips in mind: 

1. Coordinate in Advance

You need to work with your ex to figure out who is purchasing school supplies, how you will exchange school-related information, how parent-teacher conferences will work, and more. By coordinating in advance, you will be able to reduce conflicts and avoid arguments throughout the school year. 

2. Split School Supply Costs

School supplies can be expensive, especially if your children are older and require items such as high-end calculators. Therefore, it is a good idea to split the cost of school supplies with your ex. This can lead to improved cooperation between the two of you while allowing you both to play a vital role in your children’s back-to-school preparation. 


Joliet Car accident lawyers, car accident injuries, head injuries, personal injury claim, whiplashCar accidents, regardless of whether they are major or minor, are nerve wracking. After a crash, you may have a difficult time thinking straight and are unsure of what to do. One of the most important steps you should take after an accident is visiting a doctor. 

Medical Attention After Minor Accidents

If your accident was a fender bender, you may wonder why you need to seek medical attention. The truth is that even after a minor accident, you can face an injury that becomes apparent days or week afterwards. By seeing a doctor right after a crash, you can prevent unexpected pain.

Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

There are a variety of injuries that may arise as a result of a car crash. While some are immediately obvious, others take time to appear. Some of the most common car accident injuries include:


Posted on in Personal Injury

Joliet truck driver lawyers, safe driving tips, truck driver negligence, truck accidents, blind spot areasIt can be dangerous to drive near trucks. However, since they are always on the road, it is important to be extra careful around them. Consider the following five tips that can help you drive safely near trucks and reduce your risk of getting into a truck accident.

Stay Clear of Blind Spots

It is important to understand that trucks have blind spot areas that are far larger than other vehicles like sedans and SUVs. Therefore, you should make an effort to avoid driving in their blind spots. Be sure to move ahead of trucks or slow down so that truck drivers can easily see you in their side mirrors.


transportation data,  Joliet Car accident lawyers, traffic tracking, Illinois drivers, traffic updatesImagine having access to real-time road data so that you can stay away from heavy traffic and reduce your risk of becoming involved in a car accident. If you live in Illinois, you are in luck because this is possible with the Getting Around Illinois website by the Illinois Department of Transportation. Getting Around Illinois is a web-based interactive mapping solution that allows drivers to search and display various sources of transportation data.

How is Real Time Road Data Beneficial?

The Illinois Department of Transportation explains that the newly redesigned Getting Around Illinois site can make it easy for drivers to avoid situations that raise their chances of getting into a crash. Since the site is now compatible with mobile phones, Illinois drivers will have the opportunity to access real-time traffic updates while on the road. This information can be used to help drivers prepare properly for their drive.


Joliet car accident lawyers, personal injury claim, uninsured driver, car accident damages, car accident claimIt is illegal for drivers to drive without insurance. In Illinois, drivers must carry minimum coverage of at least $25,000 for bodily injury or death of any one person and at least $40,000 for the bodily injury or death of two or more people.

Unfortunately, some people disregard this law and drive uninsured. If you sustain an injury in a car accident that was caused by an uninsured driver, you may be wondering what you should do and who will pay for your damages. 

Review Your Insurance Policy


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Joliet truck driver lawyers, REST Act, highway safety, truck driving time, Joliet truck driver lawyers, truck accidentThe Responsible and Effective Standards for Truckers or REST Act was first introduced by the House Transportation Infrastructure Committee in March 2018. It provides truck drivers with the right to take one rest break per shift for up to three consecutive hours. Let us take a closer look at what the REST Act means for truckers and other motorists. 

Further Details on the REST Act

Under the REST Act, truckers will be permitted to take one rest break per shift for up to three hours. It is important to understand that this off-duty period would not be included in their 14 hour duty allowance. It also would not extend their allowable drive limits.


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Joliet divorce lawyers, annulment, Illinois annulment requirements, marital debt, divorce and financesA divorce acknowledges the end of a marriage. An annulment, however, states that a marriage never existed. If you meet certain requirements outlined by the state of Illinois, an annulment may be an option. Consider the following five benefits to getting an annulment instead of a divorce:

1. No Property Division

Property division is one of the most stressful aspects of a divorce. If you qualify for an annulment, you will not have to worry about property division. In most cases, a judge will assign all property and debts to the individual who owned them prior to the marriage.


Posted on in Personal Injury

Joliet car accident lawyers, distracted driving, distracted drivers, distracted driving accidents, Illinois car accidentIf you were in a car accident that was caused by a distracted driver, you may believe that you can recover compensation without any issues since the crash was not your fault. The truth is, however, that proving the other driver was distracted when he or she caused the accident is not always easy.

How is Distracted Driving Defined?

Engaging in any activity that diverts a driver’s attention away from the road is known as distracted driving. Although one of the most common forms of distracted driving is talking on the phone and texting, there are a variety of other activities that drivers engage in when they should be focused on the road. Some examples of these activities include:


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car safety tips, drowsy driving, distracted driving, Joliet car accident lawyers, seatbelt safetyThe actions of other drivers cannot be controlled. However, you can do your part to keep the roadways safe and reduce car accident risk by becoming a defensive driver. Defensive driving can help you identify and respond appropriately to threats. To become a defensive driver and keep yourself as well as others safe, consider the following tips:

1. Adhere to All Traffic Laws

While this may seem simple, adhering to traffic laws is often disregarded by many drivers. It may be tempting to run a red light or speed when you are running late; however, doing so can cause a serious accident and injure yourself as well as other drivers and passengers.


Posted on in Personal Injury

Joliet truck accident lawyers, truck driver fatigue, truck driver safety, truck drivers, truck accidentsThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA has established the number of hours that truck drivers in the United States are allowed to drive their trucks. By adhering to these rest requirements, truck drivers can reduce their risk of driver fatigue, which leads to serious truck accidents and life-threatening injuries.

Rest Requirements for Truck Drivers

According to the FMCSA, if a truck driver’s workday consists of 14 hours, he or she may only drive for a maximum of 11 hours. Once the individual has driven 11 hours, he or she must rest for at least 10 hours before returning to his or her truck driving duties.


Joliet car accident lawyers, car accident insurance forms, medical authorization release form, release of liability, property damage release formIf you have been hurt in a car accident that was caused by the negligence of another driver, there are several forms you may receive from the responsible party’s insurance company. Even though the insurer will encourage you to sign these forms, you should refrain from doing so until you consult an experienced car accident attorney. Below are three of the most common insurance forms you will likely encounter following a car accident.

1. Medical Authorization Release

A medical authorization release form is compliant with HIPAA regulations and can give the insurance company access to your medical records. By signing this form, you allow the insurer to search for evidence of previous complaints that may explain the injuries that you believe were caused by the car accident.


Will County truck accident attorneys, defective truck parts, defective airbags, truck accidents, truck accident injuriesWhen the parts on a truck are defective, they pose a serious danger to their drivers and other motorists. Unfortunately, defective truck parts are not always visible and can lead to truck accidents and injuries if they are not overlooked. Let us take a closer look at some of the most common defective truck parts that often cause accidents.

Faulty Brakes

There are many warning signs that signify an issue with the brakes on a truck. These warning signs include vibrations, screeching sounds, fluids on the ground where a truck was parked, and dash lights. Truck drivers should monitor their brakes and watch for these signs on a regular basis so they can avoid serious repairs and keep the roads safe.


Joliet car accident lawyers, distracted driving, distracted driving accidents, driver negligence, distracted driversDistracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents in the country. Even though it can be avoided, some drivers disregard safety precautions and direct their attention away from the road. Fortunately, there are several technologies that have been designed that make the roadways safer and reduce distracted driving accidents.

Types of Distractions

When drivers are focusing on something other than driving and the road ahead of them, they may fail to stop on time or hit or sideswipe a vehicle. Some of the distractions that can easily be avoided but often lead to serious accidents, injuries, and fatalities include:


Posted on in Personal Injury

commercial truck accidents, sleep apnea, truck drivers, Will County truck accident attorneys, truck driver safetyOne of the most common causes of commercial truck accidents is driver fatigue. Often times, a medical condition known as sleep apnea leads to fatigued driving and impairs a truck driver’s ability to safely operate a truck. Let us take a closer look at what sleep apnea is and how it can affect truck drivers and cause commercial truck accidents.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type of sleep apnea and occurs when someone involuntary stops breathing for brief periods of time while he or she is sleeping. It can cause someone to wake up frequently throughout the night.


Will County slip and fall attorneys, slip and fall accident, slip and fall injuries, premises liability claim, retail store negligenceAll businesses, including retail stores, have a legal duty to keep their premises reasonably safe. If you slip and fall while you are shopping at a nationwide retail store or a local independent one, you should know that you may have a valid premises liability claim. To ensure your rights are protected and to determine if you do have a claim, it is in your best interest to follow the following six steps.

1. Document the Incident

Right after you slip and fall, use your cell phone to take pictures of the area the fall took place. If you do not have a phone at your disposal, ask someone else to take pictures with their cell phone and send them to you.


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seat belt safety, Joliet car accident attorneys, pregnant driver, car safety tips, pregnancy complicationsIf you are pregnant, you should never drive without wearing a seat belt. A seat belt can reduce your risk of a car accident and save your life as well as the life of your baby that is yet to be born. For this reason, the March of Dimes promotes seat belt safety to pregnant women.

How a Car Accident Can Affect Your Pregnancy

A car accident can increase your risk for serious pregnancy complications including:


Joliet car accident attorney, road safety, IOS 11 update, improve road safety, car accident fatalitiesDistracted driving leads to thousands of car accidents, injuries, and fatalities each year. One of the main causes of distracted driving is cell phone usage. Although some states have made it illegal to text while driving, drivers often disregard this law and continue to use their phones and take their focus away from the road. Apple is aware of this issue and has implemented a “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature in their iOs 11 update.

How the iOS Do Not Disturb While Driving Feature Works

When the “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature is turned on, it will silence any call or text message notifications. The feature will also silence any updates from social media apps such as Facebook and game apps.


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b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-design-33.jpgAccording to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, more than 116,800 people are injured and over 1,300 are killed every year due to vehicle accidents that occur on snowy, slushy, or icy roads.

Now that we are in the midst of the winter season, you should practice extra caution while driving as ice and snow can increase your chances of getting into a car accident. In order to keep yourself and other drivers safe all winter long, you should make an effort to avoid these six dangerous winter driving habits.

  1. Braking Too Late. When roads are slippery, you should brake earlier than you would on dry roads. By paying attention to changes in traffic as well as the lights ahead and braking early, you can avoid a winter accident. 
  2. Speeding. Although speeding is always dangerous, it becomes even more hazardous on winter roads. Be sure to drive slowly on snowy and icy roadways and allow yourself more time to get to your destination.
  3. Distracted Driving. Since winter driving requires your undivided attention, you should avoid any activity that takes your eyes off the road and hands off the steering wheel. Texting, eating, applying makeup, fumbling with your radio controls, and talking to other passengers can lead to a serious accident. 
  4. Refraining From Turn Signal Use. Using your turn signals becomes even more crucial in the winter because it makes drivers who need more time to stop or slow down to be aware of your intentions. 
  5. Following Too Close. One of the most effective ways to avoid a rear-end collision in the winter is to allow more distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you. If you are traveling at 35 miles per hour, you should allow 180 feet or more on a snowy road, 600 feet or more on an icy road, and 120 feet or more on a wet road.
  6. Failing to Clear Windows. Prior to getting behind the wheel this winter, you should always clear your windows of snow and ice. Doing so will ensure you have optimal visibility on the road. 

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