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Will County family law attorneysIf the health, safety, or well-being of a child is in question, the court may opt to either suspend or restrict parenting time of a parent. Alternatively, the court may order supervised visitations. In either case, it is the concerned parent that carries the burden of proof. Sadly, far too many are not prepared, and their children continue to face danger for longer than necessary. Learn more about how to protect your child with help from the following information.

A Concerned Parent's Burden of Proof 

Parenting time in Illinois is protected, not for the sake of the parent, but for the sake of the child. In short, it indicates that a child has the right to emotional and financial support from each parent. So, under the eyes of the law, the restriction, suspension, or order of supervised parenting time is an infringement upon the child’s rights; it is from this angle that parents can understand why a preponderance of evidence is needed to limit or restrict parenting time.


DuPage County car crash injury lawyersAuto accidents can result in all sorts of injuries – some of which may be severe. One prime example is a herniated disc. While it is not one of the more commonly thought of spinal injuries, herniated discs can still have a significant impact on the lives of car crash victims. Learn more about this injury, including how to determine if you may be owed compensation, with help from the following information.

What is a Herniated Disc?

Within the spine, between each of the vertebrae, there are small, donut-like discs. On the outside, they are thicker and tougher. On the inside, there is a soft, jelly-like substance. A herniated disc is one in which that jelly-like substance seeps through a tear in the exterior portion of the disc. This seeping can irritate nearby nerves, which may cause numbness, tingling, or weakness in the limbs. It can also result in further degradation of the disc which, over time, can lead to friction between the spine’s vertebrae.


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Joliet parenting time lawyersUnlike divorcing couples with children, parents who were never married do not receive an automatic determination of parenting time. Instead, they must pursue it. Further, a determination of child support does not guarantee parenting time to the paying parent. So how do you get time with your child if you were never married? The following information explains.

Why Pursue Parenting Time?

Fathers who are not married to the mother of their child often wonder if it is worth pursuing parenting time with their child. They may be concerned about cost, or they may fear their rights will not be acknowledged by the courts. Rest assured: so long as you are not considered to be a risk to the child’s safety or emotional well-being, it is likely that your presence may be seen as a valuable addition to the life of your child. Further, studies have shown that children often fare better when they have two loving and connected parents. Since you may be required to financially contribute to the rearing of your child, regardless of whether you pursue parenting time or not, why not consider making an emotional contribution as well?


Joliet car accident injury attorneysWhen it comes to accidental deaths and injuries in America, one thing is certain: auto accidents are a major contributor. What is less clear, however, is whether self-driving cars or technology-based safety features are worth the money. The following examines these two purported safety options, and explains how injured victims can pursue compensation if an accident occurs.

Self-Driving Cars – A Promise Unfulfilled?

It seemed that every major technology company was in a race to develop and release the first fully automated car. They claimed that these vehicles could save lives, and that they would potentially eliminate driver-based accidents. Unfortunately, as these cars take to the road, it appears these promises may remain unfulfilled. 


Will County divorce lawyersIn divorce, each party has their own grief, anger, regret, and feelings of betrayal to overcome. Sadly, the typical divorce process often exasperates these negative emotions by placing the divorcing parties on opposite “sides.” Tempers can flare, and each one may forget that they used to love one another and may, instead, focus on what they can walk away with once the divorce process is complete.

When you add children into the mix, a contentious situation can become downright catastrophic - namely for the children who still love both of their parents. In fact, the damage can be so extensive that it carries on into the child’s adult life. Their own relationships may be tumultuous. They may struggle to form meaningful bonds.

Thankfully, this does not have to be your child’s reality. You and your spouse can choose differently in your divorce. The following explains.


Joliet car crash lawyersData from the Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Prevention, Care, and Cure shows that nearly half of all spinal injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents. That makes car crashes the leading cause of this debilitating condition. Paralysis is not the only issue that victims face, however. In fact, a recent report highlights several other potential complications of spinal cord injury. The following examines these additional issues, and provides details on how you may be able to receive compensation for the injuries of you or a loved one.

Examining the Additional Complications

Many of the additional complications experienced by spinal cord injury victims stem from, or caused by, the limited body function and/or paralysis often associated with the injury. For example, pressure sores (decubitus ulcers) are extremely common. Pneumonia and blood clots are also exceedingly common, and can sometimes lead to fatality. Sepsis from any one of these complications is also a possibility, and it can be highly fatal in patients with spinal injuries. In fact, life expectancy can easily be cut short because of all the additional complications spinal cord injury victims face.


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Will County divorce lawyersNearly all financial aspects of divorce are complex, but few are quite as confusing and consequential as the 401K. Unlike other assets, these plans often lead to costly penalties when dividing them, and those that dip into them to fund the actual divorce often find themselves in even more financial trouble. Learn how to effectively divide your retirement plan in divorce, and how the assistance of an attorney can mitigate the risks.

The Complexities of QDROs

Qualified domestic relations orders, or QDROs, are used to divide retirement and pension plans in divorce. They are also exasperating and frustrating for those who do not know how to handle them. This is especially true when the QDRO is handled by a third-party. Additional fees can be added when things do not go smoothly (such as failing to follow a third-party’s outlined instructions) - sometimes two to three times more than what the divorcing parties might have otherwise paid.


Will County car crash lawyersAll states, including Illinois, require that drivers carry auto insurance. Sadly, there are still situations in which you may experience a crash with an uninsured driver. For example, you might crash into someone who is driving a stolen car, or a person who is explicitly excluded from the vehicle owner’s policy. Do you have any recourse in such a situation? What can you do about your medical bills? The following explores the answers to these questions, and more.

Assume Nothing of the Other Driver

Many people automatically assume that an uninsured driver is a “poor” driver - one who cannot afford to pay out for medical expenses, property damage, or other losses experienced by the victim. This is not always the case, however. The driver who hit you could have been a young teen with a history of driving recklessly, so their parents took them off the policy to avoid liability but can and do have the means to cover your losses. Or the person that hit you could have non-liquid assets that a judge might consider sell-worthy to cover your expenses. Either way, talk to an attorney before you simply move forward with filing a claim against your own insurance company.


Will County divorce lawyersWhile older children typically do understand divorce - or at least the concept of it - younger children may struggle to grasp at how divorce will affect their everyday lives. They may not even fully comprehend that divorce means one parent will be living at a different home. Unfortunately, this lack of understanding can make coping with the divorce that much more difficult for the child. Parents may be able to help their child by using the following tips.

Talk to Your Child’s Pediatrician

Pediatricians specialize in the growth and development of children. It is this in-depth understanding that makes them a valuable ally to parents going through divorce. Able to give insight into how the child may cope with the divorce, and their level of understanding of the process itself, a pediatrician can offer parents unique advice that is tailored to their child’s age, stage of development, and own personal history. If you are going through a divorce, ask your child’s pediatrician for advice.


Will County personal injury lawyersEach year, around 1.7 million people suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI). About 75 percent of those victims suffer only minor complications and eventually heal from their injuries. Still, that leaves another 25 percent of victims who suffer either fatality (around 52,000 per year) or long-term complications that may ultimately lead to death. When such situations are the result of negligence, compensation to cover medical expenses, treatments, and life expenses are crucial. The following explains your right to pursue this compensation, and where you can find quality assistance to improve your chances of a positive outcome.

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Negligence

Negligence is not a factor in every traumatic brain injury case, but it is more common than most realize. For example, auto accidents are the third leading cause of traumatic brain injury. Falls, which are the leading cause of TBI, can also involve an element of negligence. Examples might include slip and fall injuries in a store, down a flight of stairs in a business establishment, or a fall in the icy parking lot of a grocery store. This is known as premises liability - a situation in which the owner of a building or parking lot has failed to ensure the safety of its patrons.


Will County divorce lawyersDivorce is a difficult endeavor with many financial pitfalls. Some couples fall into them and spend years trying recover. In fact, one study suggests that it may take as long as five years to overcome the financial impact of a divorce. Others may fight even longer, possibly for decades. Thankfully, it is possible to minimize the risk, as long as you know a few helpful tips. The following explains.

At the Intersection of Divorce and Debt

Most Americans have debt. Some fail to manage it responsibly, but others are diligent about only taking out the amount of credit they can afford. Yet both couples are at risk for financial difficulties after a divorce. This is due, in part, to the splitting of one home into two. Each party must now cover their own separate bills, housing expenses, and utilities. They must also be able to pay their share of the debt, which can be difficult to manage on a single income. The more debt a couple has going into the divorce, the higher their risk typically is.


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Joliet auto accident lawyersFall is animal breeding season, and that means there will be more deer out on the roads. This can be dangerous for drivers, particularly from October to December. Thankfully, you can avoid an automobile accident by knowing how to reduce your risk of hitting a deer this season. Also, should you experience a deer-vehicle accident, it is important to know your rights. The following information explains further.

Understanding the Risk

State Farm Insurance ranks Illinois as 32nd in the nation for deer-vehicle accidents. Overall, this places the average driver’s risk at about a one in 192 chance of collision. Of course, not all collisions are major – some result in little more than vehicle damage. Sadly, though, others may experience serious injury or even fatality because of a deer-vehicle collision. As such, it is important for drivers to do everything in their power to avoid an animal accident.


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Joliet divorce lawyersFrom a legal standpoint, divorce is a lot like a business deal. Marital assets are dissolved and/or equitably split between the invested parties. Even the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time agreements have an oddly unemotional method for determining the best interests of a child. Underneath it all, though, there are emotions. There is pain and separation. Loss and grief. Those who generally adjust the best after divorce are those that take the time to acknowledge this emotional aspect in healthy ways. Yet, even the most well-adjusted individuals can experience post-divorce depression. The following can help you learn how to handle it.

Seek Support and Guidance

Too often, divorcees feel ashamed of their perceived “failure.” As a result, they may shy away from asking for help. Rest assured that divorce is not a failure in life, or in marriage. It simply means that your journey together came to an end. So seek help when and where you need it – be it a grief counselor, the pastor at your church, a friend who has gone through divorce, your family, or a divorce support group.


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Will County personal injury lawyersAccording to the National Safety Council, approximately half of all teenagers will experience an automobile accident before they graduate high school. Some of them will away. Others will suffer severe injury or fatality. Thankfully, parents can minimize their child’s risk by staying involved. The following provides information on how to keep your teen safe while on the road.

Continue Riding with Your Teen

Statistics indicate that teens who continue driving with their parents in the car are less likely to experience a crash than those who have little to no driving time with an adult after obtaining their license. There may be several reasons for this, like teens being less likely to engage in risky behavior if they have a parent in the car, and more practice time with an experienced adult. Whatever the reason, the reduced risk makes spending time in the car together well worth the effort.


Joliet divorce lawyersDivorce is an emotionally and financially complex process that affects around 800,000 Americans each and every year. Sadly, some studies estimate that, for those couples, net worth could be reduced by as much as 77 percent by the time the ink dries on their decree. Is that always the case though? Certainly not. In fact, those that plan and prepare effectively for divorce often fare better than those who do not. The following information can help you financially prepare for divorce.

Start by Taking an Honest Look at Your Debt

You often hear divorce help sites talking about how important it is to account for all of your assets. This is true, of course, but some fail to mention that you must also examine your debt. After all, debt is not going to simply disappear once the divorce is over. Instead, it will be distributed between you and your spouse, much like your assets. Yet, when it comes to debt, there are also some complexities that get in the way. For example, mortgages and other high amounts of debt may not be as easy to “split” because the lender or extender of credit may not be willing or able to remove one of you from the account.


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Joliet IL auto accident lawyersWhile school-transportation-related accidents account for only a fraction of the fatal crashes each year (0.35 percent), they are often extremely devastating. This is because the victims in these accidents are often children. Even more tragic is that some never make it home. It is this very thought, and the ever-increasing prevalence of traffic crashes, distracted driving, and flat-out careless driving that has some parents pushing for cameras on school buses. They want to know that negligent drivers who choose to ignore safety rules around buses are held accountable. 

School Transportation Crash Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the majority of school transportation accident fatalities are experienced by the drivers of other vehicles (71 percent). Pedestrians, bicyclists, and other non-occupants account for another 21 percent of all school-transportation-related crash victims. Passengers who were on the bus or school transportation vehicle made up the remaining eight percent of victims.


Will County divorce lawyersThere used to be just two options for married couples: stay together or divorce. Now there are conscious uncouplers, bird-nesters, and even those who turn their traditional marriage into a “parenting marriage.” This last non-traditional family unit – the parenting marriage – is gaining a lot of traction lately, particularly among those that are at a deadlock in their marriage but still want to see their children every day. Could this model realistically work for your family as an alternative to divorce? The following information may help you decide.

What is the Parenting Marriage?

In many ways, the parenting marriage is a lot like a traditional marriage. The couple is (usually) still legally married, and they continue to live in the same house. However, their marriage is no longer an intimate relationship. Instead, it is a platonic one. They do not share the same bed, there is no intimacy, and most have separate finances and accounts. The sole function of their marriage is to raise their children, together, without the stress of trying to mend a relationship that is no longer working.


Will County auto accident attorneysMore than 5 million auto accidents occur in the United States each year. In those crashes, over 1.5 million people are injured. Some injuries are minor, but others can have a significant impact on the life of the victim. Sadly, not all of these severe injury victims will receive compensation. This is because far too many of them do not seek treatment until it is too late. If you experience an accident, know how to avoid the same troubling fate.  

Adrenaline and Injury Symptoms

When a crash happens, victims are usually filled with adrenaline. This natural response to trauma can mask the symptoms of an injury, leading the victim to believe they are fine. Even more troubling is that, even when symptoms do start to manifest, victims may not directly attribute them to the accident. If they continue to overlook the connection and never seek treatment, their risk for long-term complications and/or fatality can increase dramatically.


Will County divorce attorneysDivorce is a mentally and emotionally taxing process, but it can also have an adverse effect on your health. In fact, a recent study found an increased risk of heart problems among divorced women. Understand this risk, and how you can effectively manage it during and after your divorce.

Understanding the Risk

Published in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, the cumulative study examined the data of divorced and married women over the course of 18 years. Results showed that heart attack risks among divorced women increased by 24 percent after one divorce, and an alarming 77 percent if they went through a second divorce. This remained true, even after researchers adjusted for social and physiological risk factors of heart disease, such as age, changes in occupation, body mass index, health insurance coverage, and diabetes. Furthermore, remarriage did not diminish the likelihood of a heart attack.


Joliet dog bite injury lawyersWith summer in full swing, more people are out and about, and where there are more people, there are inevitably be more dogs. It is this increased time and exposure that makes summer a peak time for dog bites. Know what to do if you or your child suffer a dog bite injury this summer, and understand what your rights are as a victim under Illinois state law.

Illinois Dog Bite Injury Law

When it comes to dog bites, Illinois is a “strict liability” state. This essentially means that, if a dog bites, the owner is fully liable. The owner cannot use the argument that they had no prior knowledge of violent tendencies or warning signs that injury-causing behavior might occur. In fact, the only defense they may have is if the dog was intentionally provoked, or if the victim was trespassing on private property without the owner’s permission. Both defenses burden the owner with a submission of proof.

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